Internal 360 Leadership Assessments

Understanding group dynamics more clearly.


Internal 360 Leadership Assessments seek meaningful feedback for each member of a group or sub-group from all other members of that group. The results are most often used to inform professional growth and development plans of the individual group members and can be performed as an adjunct to a participant-nominated (external) leadership assessment 360. It is not intended to assess and improve group dynamics, but rather its purpose is to seek feedback about the leadership attributes of an individual from the other members of a group with whom an individual works exclusively.


Who Benefits?

TalentSage has performed these assessments for members of business school study groups who have also participated in external (participant-nominated) leadership assessments. We believe internal 360 assessments could be used across a wide variety of groups, particularly those groups that do not have an existing leadership hierarchy, such as volunteer groups, ad hoc committees, etc. to help individuals improve their personal contribution to the success of the group.

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