Board of Governors Chair Leadership Assessments

Gain insights on on board chairpersons.


Board of Governors Chair Leadership Assessments are 360s which are essentially based on our internal 360 that is focused on the leadership attributes of the chairperson of a non-profit board of governors. They tend to be highly customized based on the underlying purpose(s) of the non-profit organization. Because feedback from each board member is being solicited, the process can also be used to survey the breadth of skills those board members believe that they bring to the non-profit organization. 

Who Benefits?

The private feedback report to the Board Chair is intended to help that individual identify areas where improving his/her leadership skills will improve overall Board of Governors performance. If supplemented with a Board Member skills inventory survey, the feedback report can also help the Board Chair optimize utilization of the collective skills of the other Board Members. TalentSage believes that the need for this particular type of 360 assessment will continue to expand as governments establish more stringent standards for non-profit Board of Governors performance and reporting. 

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