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Assessments for Any Industry

No matter you industry discipline, we have an assessment that's right for you.
- Software and techology
- Pharmaceutical
- Investment and banking 
- Educational services
- Advertising and marketing
- Intellectual property
- Construction and real estate

What We Do

We are world class acedemics with an intimate understanding of organizations and organizational leadership. What's most important to us is to thoughtfully assess, carefully advise and expertly coach your leadership though good patches and bad ones. The net result can be a more productive staff, improved products and productivity, increased morale, and most importantly— a flourishing and dynamic business.

TalentSage TS360 Assessments

Our tools, assessments, and interventions are based on science and a practical understanding of your unique business needs, coupled with a deep understanding of the psychology of organizational behavior.

Each TalentSage 360° Assessment provides you with the opportunity to customize it to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Step 1- Build your assessment
Choose the questions to be included in your assessment. We provide you with a list of core competencies and questions, and then you can select your items from this list or provide us with any additional competencies or questions you would like to have included. We will customize create the assessment for your organization.

Step 2- Identify those to be assessed
Identify the individuals you would like to be assessed and provide us with their names and e-mail addresses. We send them an e-mail describing how to complete the assessment.

Step 3- Raters complete the assessment
Once the participants have been notified about the assessment, they nominate raters who have knowledge of their performance in their current position --typically supervisors, peers and direct reports. The raters are provided a link to the assessment via e-mail.

Step 4- Reminders
We send periodic reminders will be sent to raters who have not yet completed the assessment.

Step 5- Reports
On the due date we generate reports for the participants. The reports can be customized with your corporate logo.

Step 6- Optional Follow Up Assessment
TalentSage also offers a follow-up assessment. The report for this will show results for the initial assessment as well as the follow-up assessment so participants can track their results over time.

Additional Services

In addition to 360-degree assessments, TalentSage also offers some additional services if desired.

Follow-Up Assessments
We also offer a follow-up assessment. The report for this will show results for the initial assessment as well as the follow-up assessment so participants can track their results over time.

Board of Governors Chair Leadership Assessments
These assessments are essentially an internal 360 focused on the leadership attributes of the chairperson of a non-profit board of governors.  They tend to be highly customized based on the underlying purpose(s) of the non-profit organization.   Because feedback from each board member is being solicited, the process can also be used to survey the breadth of skills those board members believe that they bring to the non-profit organization. 

Group Dynamics Assessments
Talent Sage is developing a 360 assessment process aimed at identifying the dynamics of a given group and then offering feedback about how the group as a whole could improve its performance, based on current peer-reviewed organisational behaviour research.  We expect this new 360 assessment process to become available in the Spring of 2015.

Coaching Services
We have a large network of highly trained coaches who are available to provide feedback sessions once the 360-degree assessments are complete. This process can be in a group context or one-on-one coaching sessions with individuals.


Who Uses Us?

Education Sector 90%

Insurance Sector 70%

Banking Sector 80%

Software and Technology Sector 30%

Our Team


Our founder is a world class expert in the field of organizational behavior and leads our academic researchers and executive coaches. Randall holds a Ph.D. in Social and Organizational Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.  Randall is currently Professor of Organizational Behavior at the London Business School. Before LBS, he was on the faculty of Northwestern University and Cornell University's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Global Business Manager

Rick is now Senior Business Manager at TalentSage, LLC following many years in the electric power business doing power generation engineering, renewable power acquisition, and long term planning. He manages day to day operations of TalentSage, which includes proposal development, client liaison, set up and execution of 360 assessments, business planning, and invoicing.

Senior Assessments Supervisor

Melanie has a background in Customer Service and Management with the Banking industry and is also a Registered Nurse. Both capable and compassionate, she is now facilitating assessment programs at TalentSage. This is a substantial task and involves creating highly customizable digital environments as well as interacting with clients from all over the world.


Ana Clara Sancovich is an executive coach specialized in leadership, team building, and personal development. I run an executive coaching and development consultancy business - ACS Executive Development - which designs and delivers coaching and training programs for high performers, senior executives, and management teams. Programs include: team building, change management, creativity, interpersonal skills, conflict management, effective communication, persuasion and assertiveness, and negotiations.


Pamela Stepp, PhD is an executive coach for Talent Sage and London Business School with over 20 years’ experience coaching within the U.S. and internationally. Additionally she is teaching leadership at Cornell University and Entrepreneurial Leadership at Tufts University. She has taught leadership courses at six Business Schools including Bocconi, Cornell, MIT, Nanjing, London and, Rice.

More Coaches Available

Be sure to tell us about your coaching needs. We will also recommend them when your teams complete one of our TS360 surveys. If larger teams are receiving coaching concurrently, we'll place you with a top notch coach.